The Defence Surface Transport Policy Branch formed on 3 Apr 00 as Support Operations 4 (Sp Ops 4), within the Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO) based at Andover, Hampshire. The Branch is responsible for:

  • Defence Policy for Operating Mechanical Transport (including licensing and compliance with operating legislation).
  • Defence Policy and Road Safety.
  • Defence Policy for Movement of Dangerous Goods.
  • Defence Policy for Army-Sponsored Hazardous Material.

In support of the different policy aspects the Branch currently operates 3 mature IT systems:

    (Replenishment and Movements (Operational) System)

    (Information Management for the Provision of Accident Costs and Trends)

    (Defence Licensing and Testing Authority Management Information System)

Their development has been evolutionary, predicated on a variety of interrelated factors. These include changes to business requirements at both user and management levels, organisational changes in the Field Army, the need for routine updating and maintenance, opportunities stemming from the emergence of increasingly sophisticated and powerful technology and the innovation of the project staff themselves.

RAMS is the only networked system, with IMPACT and DELTAMIS operating as stand-alone. With the need for business improvement and technical harmonisation becoming apparent there came with it a clear opportunity to consolidate all 3 systems onto the single RAMS platform, whilst simultaneously enabling major development work to be undertaken on its MIS. The combined system thus becoming known as the Defence Automated Road Transport System (DARTS).

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