The Information Management for the Provision of Accident Costs and Trends (IMPACT) system serves to collate and analyse all Road Traffic Accidents (RTA's) involving MoD vehicles for all three services. It is managed within Support Operations 4 (Sp Ops 4) on behalf of the MoD, and provides statistics for single-service Commands, DC&L and units themselves. It is designed to:

  • Assist transport managers to document Road Traffic Accidents.
  • Improve asset management and equipment husbandry at unit level.
  • Produce data for the Defence Road Safety Report.
  • Provide statistics to establish trends on which to base future campaigns.
  • Provide an interface between the MoD and civil authorities requesting information on service RTA's.

The system is 4 years old and is the single data source for all MoD RTA's throughout the world, both on and off operations. Minor software modifications have been made to meet changing business requirements.


1999/2000 Road Safety Bulletin in PDF Format

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