Replenishment and Movements (Operational) System

The Army has one of the largest and most varied transportation fleets in Britain. In addition to its own fleet it also makes use of civilian lease hire firms to fill those areas where specific demand is not met by the "Green Fleet". The day to day control of these assets is currently divided between Transport Control Warrant Officers (TCWO) at formation level, and the Transport co-ordination Officer (TCO) or Motor Transportation officer (MTO), at unit level.

The division between the two offices is such that the TCWO is responsible for the direct tasking of units, normally RLC administrative units, to provide vehicles and drivers, as well as approaching hire firms for cars and larger vehicles. The TCOs and MTOs are responsible to their Commanding Officers (CO) for the day to day control and tasking of the unit's own fleet, as well as applying to the TCWO for transport assets when the unit is unable to provide from it own resources.

Historically this was always paper driven, but recognising the increasing demand for information and efficiency and reductions in expenditure the introduction of computers was seen as a way forward in assisting fleet managers.

Project RAMS (Replenishment and Movements (Operational) System) was introduced in 1995, and is deployed across a WAN at 34 installations throughout the UK, with some 3000 vehicles. The principal objectives of the system are:

  • To assist transport managers by simplifying and automating repetitive tasks.
  • To improve asset management and equipment husbandry at unit level.
  • To facilitate and streamline the tracking of vehicles and loads.
  • To meet District/Divisional Transport and Movements Operations Cells/Centre (DTMOC) needs and provide functionality to support Air Bookings, Unaccompanied Baggage (Removals and Storage), Hired Road Transport (HRT), Freight Distribution and Bill Payments.
  • To produce higher level MIS reports in support of greater efficiency.


HQ 2 Division &
410 Troop RLC

2 Service Support Unit

42 (NW) Brigade

46 Transport Squadron RLC

46 Transport Squadron RLC

Logistics Support Unit

20 Transport Squadron RLC

Primary Management

18 Transport & Movements Squadron RLC

HQ 143 (WM) Bde

Base Ordnance Depot

HQ 5 Division (S)

HQ 160 Wales Bde

Base Ordnance Depot